Bio Resonance is defined as the intrinsic measurable electromagnetic waves produced by cells and their elements, tissues and organs in all living organisms. these frequencies vary from vary from cell to cell; organ to organ and from tissue to tissue entirely depending on their normal or irregular biochemical and physiological environment. A variety of biochemical and physiological stresses in response to pathogens, irritants, chemicals, or DNA modifications cause modifications in the frequency of these bioresonance frequencies. It has actually been plainly shown by precise measurement of these electromagnetic waves or oscillations released by healthy and unhealthy organs consisting of cancer cells are different from each other because of their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage.

Vector Biofeedback Bioresonance makers have been developed with high level of engineering of the hardware and software using highly advanced non linear analytical (NLS) algorithms. It is for these reasons these machines are widely called Bioresonance NLS Machines. With extremely sensitive probes put around temples than can properly tape-record these frequencies and procedure to develop a high definition scan of any areas of the body in both normal and abnormal states. This offers highly precise diagnostic scans that have proven to be extremely precise and useful tools. They are extremely trustworthy, totally non-invasive and inexpensive compared to most commonly utilized high tech diagnostic procedures in medical facilities or medical professional”s offices.

Most notably, the Bioresonance specialist can immediately switch the device into Biofeedback mode to fix the frequency of the ailing body part by externally changing it with frequency generator thus getting it into healthy resting phase that promotes healing.

From the viewpoint of ease of use, noninvasive treatment, time and expense Bioresonance Treatment is becoming a growing number of acceptable to individuals who choose alternative medicine over mainstream medication practiced at healthcare facilities and physician’s workplaces.