Bio resonance Machines and Devices, notably those from Vector Diagnostic, assist in detecting life-threatening diseases quickly and non-invasively sometimes even before any obvious symptoms appear.  For this purpose, it is gaining a huge popularity among many individuals that favor alternative medicine.


The system works on theory and technology of Bio resonance.  Briefly, it postulates that different organs, tissues, and cells within those emit discrete frequencies which can be calculated. These frequencies are changed when tissues are under stress from different diseases. Scanning, recording and digitizing the resultant scans can be compared with those from several organs in a number of disease states. With that data in the database and using Nonlinear Statistical Analysis (NLS), the machine can correctly diagnose a variety of conditions, some of them life-threatening invariably at very early stages.  Early detection and accurate diagnosis enhance the chances of dealing with and curing the patients successfully.  The probabilities of survival of the individual also increase to a high extent.

Therefore using the Bio resonance Machine is an excellent, relatively inexpensive and non-invasive way of identifying the diseases at very early stages and helps provide proper remedies to the patient. For this reason, Bio resonance devices are getting more and more prominent with health care providers especially practitioners of alternative and natural medicine and patients alike are for the growing significance of such machines among the physicians and the patients alike.

Oberon Bio resonance Machines from Vector Diagnostic are original and technologically most up to date in the market. It is necessary to stay away from cheap clones and counterfeit machines. Oberon Bio resonance Machines come with 3 years of warranty, free training and customer care that is unparalleled.