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 What is Chronic Pain?

Pain that lasts for several months and did not respond to medical or surgical intervention is defined as chronic pain.  This might be a result of recurring or ongoing conditions such as back pain and/or leg pain; nerve damage due to failed back surgery; neurological disorders caused by nerve damage or diseases like cancer. The most common chronic pain conditions are low back pain, neck pain, arthritis and recurrent headaches such as migraines.

Usually, the first line of treatment is the use pain medications starting from over the counter pain medications to more drastic use of narcotic painkillers. Use of the later tragically results in addiction that only makes the situation worse. In so many cases the lives are shattered or destroyed. It exacts a tremendous personal and societal costs.  Unless the underlying causes of pain are cured living with chronic pain becomes a losing battle.

However, many complementary and alternative therapies for treating and managing chronic pain have been developed are increasingly being used.  A holistic approach gives back patients relief and some control over their lives.

Below are some examples of Biofeedback Therapies that are finding a lot of attention.

Biofeedback is an integrative technique that can be used to help patients cope with pain.
Biofeedback1and hypnosis2are increasing in popularity as modalities for the treatment of chronic, non-cancer pain. Although biofeedback rarely provides a “cure” for chronic, non-cancer pain, it can be used to help patients self-regulate and influence their pain perception.

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Older people requiring pain management may benefit from Physical Rehabilitation. Many older people with chronic pain have lost strength or function and can benefit from a physical activity program. Physical activity programs for older people should include exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Older people suffering from persistent pain may also benefit from Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches. These include relaxation therapies, biofeedback, imagery, mindfulness-based stress reduction, diaphragmatic breathing, and similar techniques.

Other pain management methods (e.g., heat, cold, massage, liniments, chiropractic, acupuncture, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation [TENS]) are safe, effective, and often provide temporary relief as adjunctive therapies.

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Bioresonance Therapy is a form of Biofeedback Therapy and has been found to be quite effective in minimizing or alleviating chronic pain conditions. Bioresonance therapy is non- invasive and does not use drugs and thus has little or no side effects.

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